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Awareness of antibiotic resistance

It's good to come back with a post after a long hiatus, packed with pandemic and COVID-19 related work. Thanks to the SWD data challenge… — 1 min read

Biggest Cocoa Importers!

Ending the year on a chocolate high with the last MakeoverMonday challenge . The data is from a CBI article that explores the demand for… — 1 min read

Success of Operation Fistula's Kickstart pilot program

After a long break, back to a MakeoverMonday #Viz5 challenge to visualize the impact of performance-based funding by OpFistula on… — 2 min read

Covid-19 samples testing

Testing for Covid-19 positivity is key to controlling the spread of the infection. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the team and volunteers… — 1 min read

Contraceptive usage in developing countries

A MakeoverMonday Viz5 challenge to visualize the lack of modern contraception methods among women in low- and lower-middle income… — 2 min read

Benefits of remote work

A MakeoverMonday viz challenge that's close to my heart, having gotten hooked onto the work from home style since the Covid-19 lockdowns… — 1 min read turns 1!

This is the first anniversary of ! Calls for a double celebration, having stayed sane so far through the Covid-19 pandemic… — 2 min read

Penguins of the Palmer Archipelago

I'll be spending a lot more time attempting Tableau datviz projects now. Here's a really interesting one to start my submission for the… — 1 min read

SARS-CoV-2 genomic variants in India

Covid-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, a ~30 kilobases long RNA virus. It's genome was first sequenced in early January in China and since… — 1 min read

Week-wise Covid-19 Symptoms

Since I spent an anxious couple of weeks staying at home with a sore throat and cough this summer, I had been looking for a comprehensive… — 1 min read

Covid-19 active cases distribution

This viz is generated using Vega-Lite to capture the progression of Covid-19 cases across Indian states. The small multiples stacked… — 1 min read

Covid-19 confirmed cases trends across Indian states

The bar chart race is a quick way to see how the total number of reported cases change across each state, but does not follow the trend of… — 1 min read

India's state-wise confirmed cases

Kerala reported India's first Covid-19 case on 30th January 2020. Here's the obligatory bar chart race of how the number of confirmed… — 1 min read

Covid-19 in India

So here's the deal. Covid-19 is here and its going to be a while before the world gets a handle on it. Meanwhile the internet has exploded… — 2 min read

Word Cloud

Try Wordaze! Presenting the essence of qualitative feedback is usually challenging. And that’s where word clouds can help. In trying to… — 3 min read

Changes in alcohol consumption and deaths over the years

After coffee, onto alcohol! Took the first one of my Tableau tutorials to attempt this one. Have we started drinking more or less over the… — 1 min read

Hardworking Hearts

The Reddit Dataviz Data Battle for August 2019 presented a small but interesting dataset comparing the heart rates, mass, and longevity of… — 2 min read

Converts Caffeine to Code!

Developers are often joked about as machines that convert coffee to code. So when I saw this dataset as part of the Reddit Dataviz Data… — 2 min read

Hello World

This is my first post on my new blog! Pretty excited! As a newbie data viz enthusiast, I am gonna post about what I am learning but I'll… — 1 min read

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