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Contraceptive usage in developing countries

A MakeoverMonday Viz5 challenge to visualize the lack of modern contraception methods among women in low- and lower-middle income… — 2 min read

Benefits of remote work

A MakeoverMonday viz challenge that's close to my heart, having gotten hooked onto the work from home style since the Covid-19 lockdowns… — 1 min read turns 1!

This is the first anniversary of ! Calls for a double celebration, having stayed sane so far through the Covid-19 pandemic… — 2 min read

Penguins of the Palmer Archipelago

I'll be spending a lot more time attempting Tableau datviz projects now. Here's a really interesting one to start my submission for the… — 1 min read

SARS-CoV-2 genomic variants in India

Covid-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, a ~30 kilobases long RNA virus. It's genome was first sequenced in early January in China and since… — 1 min read

Week-wise Covid-19 Symptoms

Since I spent an anxious couple of weeks staying at home with a sore throat and cough this summer, I had been looking for a comprehensive… — 1 min read

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